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Please note:  AzMerit testing begins next week.  Students will take the writing test on Monday, reading and math 1 on Tuesday, the science (AIMS) on Wednesday.  The algebra test for those who need it will be on Monday, April 10 and the second part of reading and math will be on Tuesday, April 11. (Students in other grades at CSMS have a different testing schedule.)

Monday:  (C1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  Bellwork:  Galileo, Verbals.  Review verbals and verb moods  Assignment:  Galileo verb moods.
Tuesday (C1, C2)/Wednesday (C3, 4, 5):  Bellwork:  Galileo, General language.  Begin project:  Whose equality? (Project Overview)  The purpose of this project is to:  synthesize information from multiple sources, develop critical thinking and collaboration skills, and for students to communicate findings, while using the book Freedom Walkers as a basis.  Today, students will read "Harrison Bergeron" by K. Vonnegut to answer the questions:  what is equality and what is the government's role?
Thursday (C1, C2)/Friday (C3, 4, 5):  Continue reading and analyzing "Harrison Bergeron."  Answer assigned questions to prepare for Shared Inquiry.
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